Hi, my name is Juan Carlos Quintero 👋🏼. I'm a Product Engineer, Applied AI Specialist, and Digital Marketing enthusiast helping businesses adopt AI and automation.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering from UCAB, one of the best universities in the country.

For 10+ years, I worked as a Junior, Senior, and Lead Software Engineer, building web applications, mobile apps, and APIs from start-ups like Gorgias and Temedica, to established companies like Globant and Sport-Thieme, among others.

In November of 2023, I was ready to take up a new professional challenge, so it took me only a little bit of time to know the next step: #AI.

Most people understand the innovation and disruption Generative AI represents, but not everyone knows exactly how to integrate and benefit from the technology, because of the hype and noise.

So, with my engineering skills, a #SEO training, and enough digital marketing knowledge to be dangerous, I want to teach and help professionals and business owners embrace the power of Generative AI and #automation.

If you are interested in collaborating together, reach out!

Thanks for visiting my website 🙌🏼

Juan Carlos Quintero